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Acapela TTS for Windows was designed to allow developers to integrate text to speech into any Windows application.

Acapela TTS for Windows a été conçu pour permettre aux développeurs d'intégrer facilement la synthèse de la parole dans les applications Windows.

Acapela TTS for Windows är till för utvecklare som vill integrera text-till-tal i Windows-applikationer.

You will find here the main features of our SDK for Windows. Acapela TTS for Windows covers the Desktop interface of Windows 7, 8 & 10.

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Server, Desktop, Mobile and Universal Windows Platform



More than 100 voices in 34 languages and accents. Two voice qualities available in each language: High Quality and Colibri to cover all your needs and constraints.


Several APIs available to simplify the integration process. Several programming languages supported.

APICommon APIs

Acapela TTS for Windows has one common API with Acapela TTS for Mac.

devices windows 7-8Tablets, laptops & computers

Acapela TTS for Windows works for all Intel based Tablets & PCs that run Windows 10.


Breathe life into your interface and content, improve accessibility of your product to people with difficulties in reading or seeing text, give your users an eye-free experience.


Easy integration into your installation and redistribution package, Windows App Store friendly.


Wide choice of languages and voices.

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