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Acapela TTS for Windows Server has been designed to speech enable in real time all sorts of Telecommunications applications & Server based services.

Acapela TTS for Windows Server a été conçu pour faire parler en temps réel toutes les applications et services télécoms ainsi que les applications et services à base de serveurs.

Acapela TTS for Windows Server är en SDK för integrering av talfunktion (i realtid) i alla typer av telekomapplikationer och -tjänster.

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Server, Desktop, Mobile and Universal Windows Platform


client server architectureClient-server Architecture

Designed for network telecom applications, from single host solutions to distributed architectures.

high density performanceHigh Density performance

Efficient TTS server, providing lower hardware investment with maximum efficiency.

scalabilityScalability & multi-processor

Multi-channel engine, optimised for mono and multi-processor systems

reliable & manageableReliable and manageable

Designed to run 24/7, remotely administrable and load balanced to ensure perfect availability of TTS resources for applications.

standard complianceStandard Compliance

Can be used as a TTS resource in any Voice XML platform with the IETF MRCP v1 and MRCP v2 protocol layer and the support of W3C SSML.

multilingual Multilingual

A wide portfolio of languages and choice of voices.

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