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Acapela TTS for Windows Phone has been designed for the Windows Phone developer community offering an alternative High Quality speech engine specifically adapted to meet their needs.

Windows Phone developers can now easily add a vocal dimension, in many languages, to all their applications.

Acapela TTS for Windows Phone a été conçu pour permettre aux développeurs Windows Phone d'intégrer la synthèse de la parole de haute qualité dans n'importe quel terminal ou application mobile.

Acapela TTS for Windows Phone ger utvecklare inom Windows Phone-världen en talmotor av högsta kvalitet, speciellt anpassad för deras behov.

Windows Phone-utvecklare kan nu snabbt och enkelt integrera talsyntes på många olika språk i alla sina applikationer.

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Server, Desktop, Mobile and Universal Windows Platform


voices_55Very natural and pleasant voices

Simple integration of text to speech voices, for a natural interface and rich audio content, into your Windows Phone application. In 32 languages and multiple voices.

voice formatsTwo voice formats

Low Footprint (15-30MB/voice) and High Quality Medium (40-150MB/voice) for embedded text to speech, no internet connection needed.

multidevices_55For all Windows Phone 8 devices

Acapela TTS for Windows Phone is a Windows Phone Runtime component for applications running on versions starting at WP8.

pricing2_55Windows Phone AppStore pricing

License royalties are based on a percentage of the selling price of your app, other pricing models like inApp Billing etc. are possible too. Let’s talk!

audio controlControl your audio

Perfectly integrated with Windows Phone audio management possibilities.

easyintegration2_55Fast and Easy integration

The Windows Phone Runtime component enables C# developers, with a minimum of code lines, to quickly and easily integrate speech synthesis into their application.

multilingual Multilingual

Wide choice of languages and voices

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