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Acapela Transport accompanies you in Public Transport with Voice Announcements using speech technology solutions.

Our organization is dedicated to Public Transport with features and tools specially designed for public transportation companies.

Our voices are already used in Berlin, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Montreal, Minneapolis-St Paul, New York City, Paris, Salt Lake City, Stockholm, Toronto, or Vienna to inform passengers in real time.

Specific tools and services such as the pronunciation editor, transcription services and customized voices allow you to easily enrich and finetune your audio message result.

For an advanced passenger experience, we create custom voices that your passengers will instantly recognize.

The Custom voices we build can sound local, allowing you to communicate with a unique local identity and accent, with a voice that makes locals feel at home, and that welcomes visitors to your neck of the woods in a unique way only a native could.

Acapela has built such voices for large European cities like Vienna and Brussels, as well as for National Railway companies such as SNCB (Belgium), ONCF (Morocco), Jernbaneverket (Norway) and Trafikverket (Sweden).
We can create the voice your company needs. Just for you. This is Acapela bespoke expertise. Let’s talk!
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Hear more about Acapela Transport and enjoy a talking ride with our smart voices in our short animation.

Published on May 10, 2017 in general information 

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