The smiling face of Jernbaneverket voice

Do you remember our story about the custom voice created for Jernbaneverket by Acapela Group ?

Jernbaneverket contacted Acapela Transport to accompany them in their voice project for an enhanced Passenger Information System.
Acapela Group is experienced and well known for its expertise in creating custom voices. Usually the speaker is a professional voice talent.

In the Jernbaneverket project, the voice talent is an employee from the agency, which is a human touch that pleased us at Acapela. So for the first time ever in our public transport activities – and after Jernbaneverket’s in-house voice talent passed all of Acapela’s evaluation tests with flying colours! – We get into the story!


Meet Anne Grethe Dammyr, an employee of the Norwegian government’s agency for railway services, who is now the company’s Voice that pleasantly guides and informs the passengers during their journey.

‘ Acapela Transport accompanied us the full way, step by step from the casting up to the recordings of the Jernbaneverket-specific corpus. Pleasant voices are now deployed to inform our passengers with highly accurate audio restitution, resulting in, we hope, a pleasant traveling experience’ says Victor Hansen, Head of Customer and Traffic Information at Jernbaneverket.

‘The creation of this custom voice has been a great challenge and achievement for Acapela Transport. The speaker’s voice, which was selected following an internal casting of Jernbaneverket’s employees, embodies a personal touch of the Norwegian National Rail Administration’ says Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.


Hear a voice sample of Kari’s voice


Published on May 4, 2016 in customer application news 

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