The Advanced Lexicon Editor.

We don’t always know how to pronounce city names, bus stop names or train station names.
And it’s the same for Text To Speech.
Proper nouns can be tricky for TTS and the standard lexicon editor provided with TTS software can sometimes be difficult to grasp.

Not everyone is an expert in phonetics.

That is why we developed the Advanced Lexicon Editor, a web application that allows you to easily change the pronunciation of a word and then save the new pronunciation to a dictionary file that is compatible with your Acapela TTS voice.
Just upload the list of words you want to work on, listen to the default pronunciation, use the drop down menu to listen to alternative pronunciations and select the one you prefer.
If you can’t find the right one, you can use phonetic symbols from the many examples provided to make your own.


If you’re interested in testing this service, please contact us.

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