Pleasant voices for real-time Passenger Information: Automated Voice Announcements using text-to-speech

Acapela Transport’s wide range of voices are ready to provide Real-Time Passenger information with a pleasant and intelligible voice to make passengers feel more comfortable and secure.


Using Acapela Transport’s Advanced Lexicon Editor, you can seamlessly check and modify how station names and railway terminology are pronounced in all languages.


A wide portfolio of 34 languages and over 100 voices are already available. Choose one of our standard voices or contact us about developing your own custom one.

Integrate text-to-speech

A wide range of  platform-specific SDKs can answer to your need and voice project, whatever your platform.

SDKs for: Cloud API, Windows Server, Windows 7&8, Windows Phone, Mac OSX ,iOS, Android, Linux, Linux Embedded.


Join the Acapela Developer Programme: the program grants you access to your developer license and SDK of your choice including support, updates and upgrades.

Create voice files, 24/7

Acapela ready-to-speak solutions allow an easy generation of sound files in many languages, without the need for any technical knowledge or hardware equipment.

Custom voice

Expand your brand identity and differentiate your services.

Imagine Your own company voice smootlhy guiding your customers all the way around. For an enjoyable travel experience.

We create your very own, exclusive and special voice. Only for you. You will use a consistent voice through all the touch points that will distinguish you from the rest and contribute to the full success of your travelers’ experience and satisfaction.

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