CES2018: Listen to Acapela’s new voice for Transport on the AUTONOM CAB, the robo-taxi by NAVYA!

We are very pleased to be onboard the NAVYA AUTONOM CAB and give the say to the first robo-taxi  on the market presented at CES 2018.

Connectivity and autonomous technology is kickstarting the reinvention of the car space, transforming a simple mode of transport into a new living room where drivers and passengers can enjoy reading, accessing information, learning, sharing, communicating, being entertained and relaxing.

Voice technologies are the natural and seamless interface to accompany this new mobility age, which combines environmental benefits and improved safety. Acapela voices are contributing to making the journey safe and pleasant with personalized and pleasant audio information from departure to arrival.

Have a talking ride on board the AUTONOM CAB (North plaza-Gold Lot #NP-9) and stop by Acapela  Group  (Westgate #1601) to talk about voice solutions for you.





More about the AUTONOM CAB from Navya






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