We accompany you in Public Transport
with Real-Time Voice Announcements, using text-to-speech.
automated & realtime voice announcementsAutomated real-time voice announcements

Text-to-speech converts in real-time written information providing advanced services for passenger information, flight announcements or ticket machines.

Multi platformMultiple-platform engine

Our voice solutions are available on different platforms. As software TTS engines, cloud solution or offline solutions.

voices_55Offline TTS

Easy voice file production in any of the 30 languages available, for easy vocalization of information.

custom voiceCustom voice

Use your own, exclusive voice, perform your voice charter, enhance your brand identity & differentiate your services with your own exclusive synthetic voice.

prompt optimizationPrompt optimization

Change the intonation of your voice prompt instantly and easily, by selecting best choice.

Pronunciation EditorAdvanced pronunciation editor

Easily fine tune the pronunciation of names such as station or destination proper names with Acapela’s powerful yet easy editor.

MultilingualWide range of languages & voices

30 languages and over 100 standard voices are available to vocalize your content and ease the experience of your users for a pleasant talking journey.

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