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Acapela TTS for Linux Embedded was designed to allow developers to integrate text to speech into any Linux Embedded device & application.

Acapela TTS for Linux Embedded a été conçu pour permettre aux développeurs d'intégrer la synthèse de la parole dans toutes les applications et terminaux Linux Embedded.

Acapela TTS for Linux Embedded är till för utvecklare som vill integrera text-till-tal i inbyggda Linuxsystem och -applikationer.

voices_55Add the best voice to your application

Simple integration of text to speech voices for natural interface and rich audio content into your Linux Embedded application in up to 33 languages and 100 voices.

voiceformatsMultiple voice formats & qualities

Colibri Voices (3 to 9 MB/voice), Low Footprint (15-30MB/voice) and High Quality Medium (40-150MB/voice) for embedded text to speech, no internet connection needed.


Acapela TTS for Linux Embedded supports ARM, MIPS and x86 and other compilation on request.

easyintegration2_55Fast & easy integration

Simple API the same as Windows Mobile.



Wide range of languages and choice of voices.

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