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Acapela TTS for iOS has been designed for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad developer community offering a High Quality Text to Speech engine specifically adapted to meet developers' needs.

Developers can now easily add a vocal dimension, in many languages, to all their applications.

Acapela TTS for iOS a été conçu pour offrir aux développeurs iPhone, iPad et iPod Touch un moteur de synthèse de Haute Qualité spécifiquement adapté à leurs besoins.

Les développeurs peuvent désormais ajouter la dimension vocale, dans de nombreuses langues, à toutes leurs applications.

Acapela TTS for iOS har utformats för iPod Touch, iPhone och iPad utvecklare erbjuder en högkvalitativ text till tal-motor, speciellt anpassad för utvecklarnas behov.

Utvecklare kan nu enkelt lägga till en sång dimension, på många olika språk, till alla sina applikationer.

voices_55Very natural and pleasant voices

Easy integration of high quality voices for enhanced, intuitive, multilingual interface and rich content.

voice formatsMultiple voice formats & qualities

Colibri Voices (3 to 9 MB/voice), Low Footprint (15-30MB/voice) and High Quality Medium (40-150MB/voice) for embedded text to speech, no internet connection needed.

devices_iosMulti devices

Acapela TTS for iPhone and iPad are static libraries compatible with all iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad versions, as well as the iPhone and iPad simulator on Mac OSX.

pricingAppStore compatible pricing

Royalties are based on a percentage of the selling price. Other models (sold through inAppPurchase, etc …) are possible too!

audio_55iPod audio friendly

Perfectly integrated with AudioSessions, allows users to work effectively with iPod music (interrupt and resume, mix, …).

easyintegration2_55Fast & easy integration

Thanks to the High Level API written in Objective C, developers will be able, with a minimum of code lines, to quickly and easily integrate speech synthesis into all their applications for iOS.


Wide range of languages and choice of voices.

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